Whatever your needs or desires, Hill House stands ready to serve. They say the devil is in the details, but these details are nothing short of heavenly. Esthetics and function unite in the show-stealing floating staircase that occupies the central volume of the house. A feat of engineering: fine steel cables intersect bamboo treads and vertically support low-voltage halogen lighting. In counterpoint to the muscularity of the stairway is Melissa Koch’s ethereal and soaring 22-foot high mural depicting scenes from the natural world. Kerf detailing throughout adds a layer of visible luxury for the discerning eye. A house like this exists to delight the senses and smooth the paths of daily life. Here you might have entire crews of housecleaners, groundskeepers and other caretakers come, efficiently perform their duties and quietly depart – all without ruffling the tranquility of your daily rhythms on the higher floors.

Home security system

Self-contained, lockable guest suite with French doors

Privacy terrace off guest suite

Elevator for ease of moving laundry, groceries and supplies

Laundry chute from master suite to laundry room

Climate control panel located in master bedroom

Penthouse has its own climate regulation system

Integrated low-voltage halogen lighting

Keyless entry from garage

Well lit workbench in garage for maintenance workers

Lockable door from interior to garage for security

Costco stock room for housecleaners’ supplies

Garden room for gardener’s equipment

12×20 SF third bedroom or private flex space, currently used as home gym

Mechanical vault to store luggage, seasonal clothing

Floating steel and bamboo staircase

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